Using data to address business problems

We package a range of solutions based on property data and marketing insights, with the aim of helping our clients gain a better understanding of their different target markets and, therefore, make informed strategic decisions.

Our Products

Our Services

Digital/Technology - Additional Offerings

  • Secure resources for project or permanent client placements
  • Provide accredited and impactful training for Clients
  • Bespoke enterprise systems, especially in the operations management and contact centre quality management space
  • Advanced operational cost forecasting and planning solutions
  • Leaders in Microsoft Office automation – having solved hundreds of niche clients problems with minimal costs
  • Solution Architecture services
  • Data Architecture
  • Information Analysis services
  • Data Modelling services
  • Data Quality Profiling services
  • Data Stewardship services
  • Data Management Strategy
  • Change Management services
  • Business and Process Analysis services
  • Enterprise Business Glossary (meta data definition services)
  • Insight and Data Interpretation: We provide easy interpretation and insights into the client’s data which support a wide range of business decisions.
  • Extract, Transform and Load: We have strong ETwL and data warehouse capabilities, we are able to centralise and enrich our client’s data if they don’t have the capabilities.
  • Extended Capabilities: We have internal datasets which include property, insight and GIS data that can be used to enrich our client’s data. We also have access to 3rd party data from credit bureau on request. This makes us unique in that we are to enrich our client’s data to provide a complete picture which, in effect, creates an “Intelligence” that cannot be delivered from any singular set of data.