Diversity for Growth Report 2021

The report is a global platform that gathers progressive data on women in fintech to understand diversity, their impact and their contribution to the digital economy.

Findexable has just released their latest findings in the Diversity for Growth Report 2021. It highlights how firms have and are supporting women in the workplace, and gender diversity in the fintech industry.

The report is based on a proprietary dataset of 1,000+ privately-owned fintechs, in-depth interviews with leading fintech women, employee survey results, think tanks, advisory bodies and NGOs. Accordingly, results reveal women are underrepresented at senior levels within the global fintech sector.

When it comes to fintech, female diversity appears to be a long way off compared to standards set in the wider finance and technology sectors. Revealing that while women represent less than 6% of CEOs, less than 4% are CIOs or CTOs. Further, the number of companies founded by women have grown over the past decade shifting from North America and Asia towards Latin America, Middle East and Europe.

Interestingly, Africa has the most female board members, while the Middle East boasts the highest share of female CEOs. Dubai, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Lagos have all emerged as female fintech hotspots. And women-founded companies in Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa have been seen to outperform their male counterparts on median funding per company. Additionally, financial inclusion has become a major theme in recent years and is encouraging to see the progressive values enacted in the boardroom and their business plans. 

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