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{Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon}

The Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon will bring together multiple teams of talented developers, designers, problem-solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers, dreamers, doers, makers, and code magicians to build brilliant solutions to the most vexing problems in financial services today. With so many disruptive technologies coming up, there is no better time to change the flow of service and create a balance […]


You’ve Been Hacked

You can hack security or you can hack together a solution. Our recent involvement at a hackathon hosted by one of our clients focused on the latter – hacking together innovative solutions in record time by involving entrepreneurs, designers, developers and industry specialists. This forms part of a unique strategy to deliver value in a short span of […]


The Power of Crowds

One of our teams recently participated in setting up campaigns to leverage the power of crowd-sourcing. Innovation is hard and requires strong coordination and experience when dealing with a large base of individuals. This highlights our ongoing dedication to leveraging the power of open and social-based approaches to help realise innovation.


Scale up for Europe

Audrey is at the Scale Up for Europe event held in Portugal from the 25th to 27th of May. This forms part of the annual European Trade Association for Business Angles Congress. (EBAN). She will be presenting and form part of a panel of judges that will be viewing some of the most talented emerging technology entrepreneurs today.


Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers 2015

SystemicLogic was recognised by CIOReview Magazine, in the US as one of the most promising Asset Management Solution providers of 2015. In a vehemently competitive business environment, efficient management of physical assets can ensure the growth rate of the business. These assets should be maintained accurately—from the point of initial acquisition to the point of […]


Awarded at the TT100 Business Awards

On 26 November 2015, Innovation Agency, part of the SystemicLogic Group of Companies, was awarded the Ministers Award for Sustainable Performance at the TT100 Business Awards, in association with Da Vinci Institute. The TT100 winners for 2015 represented outstanding examples of technologically excellent companies. As South Africa’s benchmark of business excellence, TT100 is raising awareness of the […]