Innovation Solutions

The SystemicLogic Group consolidates multiple businesses that provide integrated innovation solutions through advisory, technology, strategic execution, branding and investment.


It is through the combination of these embedded competencies that we deliver world-class solutions that support client’s end-to-end needs.

Our combined expertise enables our clients to activating the untapped wealth of knowledge from within their organisations, and draw from disruptive practices to enable growth.


The inner strengths and capabilities from within an organisation

Inside-out approach

Infrastructure for idea realisation, commercialise ideas and accelerate results tailored to deliver on strategy.

Benefit by unforseen insights

Crowdsourcing ideation

Crowds are smarter than the smartest person in them.

Activation support

Driving ideas from creation through incubation to activation.

Achieving greater efficiencies and adapt more quickly

Outside-In approach

This approach effectively uses company resources and core competencies as the main driver of shareholder value.

Strategic execution

In today’s ever changing business environment there are more opportunities than not. With so many options, it is important to choose a direction, stick with it and execute it well.

Audrey Mothupi, CEO

"We have the power to change lives. Together we can continue to uplift our beautiful continent."