{Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon}

The Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon will bring together multiple teams of talented developers, designers, problem-solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers, dreamers, doers, makers, and code magicians to build brilliant solutions to the most vexing problems in financial services today. With so many disruptive technologies coming up, there is no better time to change the flow of service and create a balance […]


Leveraging technology to drive financial inclusion for women

In a conversation moderated by Audrey Mothupi (SystemicLogic Group), Liz Kellison (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Anna Gincherman (Women’s World Banking), Tom DeLuca (Advanced Payment Technologies) and Louise Holden (Mastercard) discuss how their businesses or organizations leverage technology to increase financial inclusion and what approaches they are taking to specifically include women.  


Building Africa’s Innovation Firm

Audrey Mothupi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of SystemicLogic Group. A global research, innovation and digital technology firm with a demonstrable track record across Africa proffering shovel ready solutions to clients in various sectors. Innovation Agency is proud to be a part of the SystemicLogic Group. What fuels me? Excellence – There is nothing too […]