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Audrey Mothupi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of SystemicLogic Group. A global research, innovation and digital technology firm with a demonstrable track record across Africa proffering shovel ready solutions to clients in various sectors. Innovation Agency is proud to be a part of the SystemicLogic Group.

What fuels me?

Excellence – There is nothing too big, too small or impossible. I have my mother to thank for always reminding us that ‘if you are not going to do something right the first time don’t bother’. This defined my past, current and constant pursuit for excellence in everything I do. The joy that comes from seeing the results makes it all worthwhile.

Humility – Firstly, there is no better way than approaching everything with humility. What I know for sure is that everything I am today is because of all the amazing people I met along the way who made time to teach / coach / challenge and even critic what I did, and for that I will always pay it forward.

Passion – Dare to dream!! I love life but more important is being passionate about what you do that drives your vision and sets a sense of purpose in a seamless manner. Without passion for what I do and who I am, I would not have tapped into my creative self or boldly took on challenges that seemed impossible.

My greatest influence

My young self would have argued that there is not one person that can influence ones life and would have cited a love for philosophy and name the likes of Plato / Socrates / Aristotle and Simone de Beauvoir, and that period defines a time where my hunger and curiosity to understand the world was nurtured through philosophy. My older self has come to realise with pride that in fact my mother has had the greatest influence. Her inner strength / resilience and the lesson of unconditional love, which she has passed onto me, has made me walk through most of life’s lessons with a strength and determination that made it possible. As far as I can remember, my mother made it possible for me to feel confident enough to do and be whoever I wanted to be.

My top 3 role models

Nelson Mandela – He taught us all what it means to be human and more important for me the lessons he left behind challenge me daily to be a better person – that humility / forgiveness / resilience / conviction / ability to see good in others / the challenge to lead from the back but also lead from the front  – in short life, love and courage.

Maya Angelou – She taught me how to believe in myself and find time to celebrate / be thankful and embrace the beauty in others, myself and life. The moments I find myself living life to the fullest, I often smile in the healing words of Maya Angelou.

My grandfather, David Kalolero – He dared to educate nine daughters when everyone told him he was wasting his time, and against tradition and cultural expectations he left a legacy that has built many more educated / determined / confident and courageous young women. Today, his daughters, grand daughters and great granddaughter are all making a difference in whatever field of study they chose to pursue.

In the next five years…

I am happily and proudly building Africa’s homegrown women-owned digital innovation and advisory firm that will grow across the continent. The vision is rolling out and in the next five years, it is Africa’s finest young women that will ensure we build what can be the next Deloitte’s / Accenture – Only proudly African…

I have amazing women in my life who keep me sane and grounded, and remind me to live, love and laugh  – a true blessing and a source of much needed strength.

The African woman’s challenge

The struggle for gender equality and empowerment of women continues to be a challenge. While progress has been made and we now focus on economic empowerment and cite changes made in both public, private and civil society roles pertaining to women, we cannot forget that we still have girls that don’t have access to education, we still have girls that live in fear of being sold off as young brides and we still have girls that are physically and sexually abused daily.

The challenge for all of us is to NOT give up but give back where we can. Each of us can make a difference.

In my daily work environment, I am passionately building a strong woman owned digital innovation execution based service company, and the change starts with me as the Group CEO and majority shareholder. I wake up everyday creating employment opportunities for young ambitious entrepreneurial young ladies and my heart swells with pride as I watch the young women take their rightful place in this traditionally male dominated industry.

Outside work I have chosen to support and champion the cause towards the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/Aids as well as support Orphans and vulnerable children as the Chairperson for Orange Babies South Africa.

Everyday I am inspired by the many young ladies I mentor and have come to appreciate how much I learn from them. As a result, I no longer call myself a mentor, instead I am blessed to be in the company of many young women who allow me to share my experiences as they too teach me very useful lessons in life.

What I do to relax

Spending time with my daughters/girlfriends/cooking/entertaining and travelling


It is mandatory for African women to be celebrated/inspired and empowered. More importantly, they should be reminded to also embrace with pride who they are, find their voice inside, speak up to change others lives, and stand up to be counted as well.

As we find blessings in our own lives as African women we owe it to our mothers/grandmothers and daughter to pay those blessings forward.

My African Union plans

I would love to champion a program that champions financial awareness / financial literacy as well as fosters the power of ensuring our girls and women strive towards being financially independent. Education is key and critical but financial wellness for women in the continent will trigger and facilitate change across all aspects of life.

Final words of advice

Dare to dream – you have the power to change someone’s life and together we can continue to uplift our beautiful continent.



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